Jamaica’s Tessanne Chin dazzles on The Voice USA

On Tuesday evening at exactly 10 minutes to 10 pm, Jamaica’s Tessanne Chin blew her competition out of the water after belting out her own chilling rendition of Pink’s hit “Try” on the hugely popular series The Voice USA.

Tessanne moved judges Adam Levine, Cee Lo and Christina Aguilera almost immediately and had fourth judge Blake Shelton turning his chair by the beginning of the chorus.

It was an extremely special moment for ALL Caribbean music lovers and fans of Tessanne’s as they tuned in from all over the world to support her in this remarkable effort. Tessanne was even the top trend on Twitter.

NBC Producers, what seemed like purposely, had the many anxious Caribbean viewers on edge as they didn’t have her appear on the first night of the premiere but also kept us in suspense right up until the end of the second night of the show. They surely saved the best for last and the Caribbean viewers definitely added to the 14 million plus viewers of the show’s two-night premiere. Many people who had never even previously watched The Voice USA, tuned in on both nights JUST for the chance to see Tessanne perform on this platform.

After hearing what each judge had to say to win her over to their team, judge Adam Levine edged out his fellow competitors, almost squealing for her to pick him and clearly showing his passion worked as Tessanne chose to be on his team. He quickly ran and hugged her, completely elated at possibly having the best chance he could have at winning Season 5 of The Voice USA, something he hasn’t done since Season 1.

Tessanne has been singing for many years and had toured with the legendary Jimmy Cliff for three (3) years. She broke out with her hit “Hideaway” in 2006 and her fans have been in love with her eclectic style, melodious sound and winning personality ever since. Younger sister to fellow songstress Tami Chynn, the pair have been Jamaica’s sweethearts and have shown their talent on many a stage.

Tessanne stated that she entered The Voice USA to better evolve as a vocalist and learn from the superstar judges and she’ll do just that!

As a fellow Jamaican I’m proud to support Tessanne, another gem from the Caribbean. It’s times like these when we really come together not just as a country but a region and support our own, it’s just beautiful.

Tessanne has grown into an unstoppable artiste, having honed her craft for so many years and is ready to yup the cliche is coming, take the world by storm! We’re all proud of you and wish you the very best!

Watch Tessanne on The Voice USA every Monday & Tuesday on NBC at 8/7c and when the time comes VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

Also feel free to use any of these hash tags below on Twitter during the show, to show Tessanne your support! 🙂

#TeamTessanne #Tessaneforthewin #Jamaican #Caribbean #TeamAdam


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