Elementakiza 2013

Elementakiza 2013, the “Hip Hop You Don’t Stop” Special Edition



Celebrating Elementality’s Second Anniversary!

NDG Park transformed for a day showcasing music, art and cultural diversity in Montreal

ELEMENTAKIZA celebrates its second Anniversary and that of Elementality, a Montréal-based trilingual Hip Hop blog, covering local, Latin & international music & events. What started as a conversation amongst an innovative bunch of Latinos hanging out in Girouard Park, in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG), with an initial focus on highlighting emerging/underground Spanish Hip Hop artists, has steadily grown and expanded into a more inclusive brand. Elementality now strives to promote Montreal artists from all backgrounds, languages and cultures as well as introduce their favourite international artists to their local, Montreal audience.

After two years, the enlightened bunch have grown into a larger team of promoters, bloggers and artists from the Latin scene in Montreal, hailing from South America and other countries and have further integrated Hip Hop culture into their communities in positive ways. Having been responsible for multiple local events such as “Latin Soul Nights”, “Dope n Mic” and most recently “MTLunited”, a trilingual showcase, they are now collaborating with Prevention CDN-NDG and Hip Hop You Don’t Stop to present the second staging of a FREE outdoor experience, filled with fun for all ages called Elementakiza!

This Saturday September 21st from midday to 8 pm, patrons can flock to NDG Park (corner of Sherbrooke St. W and Girouard Ave.) and expect the best display of Hip Hop culture ranging from b-boy, b-girl, popping and graffiti competitions with amazing cash prizes to freestyle break-dancing and live performances in three (3) languages, from some of the city’s biggest local stars such as K6A, Heavy Soundz & CeasRock (Mook Life). Host Rodrigo Vergara and DJ’s Fat Sak, Frank Blvd and Benny Lava will keep the crowd entertained between performances.

Drop the kids off at the Youth Corner where they can participate in Stencil workshops and for all shopaholics always looking for a great deal, head across the street to SubV and get 40% off all clothing items between 11 am and 8 pm.

That’s not it! No Hip Hop event would be complete without an Open Mic segment and of course, no event would be complete without a little loving for the tummy. So, treat the family to very affordable, homemade, authentic Mexican BBQ Tacos (4 for $5).  The menu is surely as diverse as the event, so if you don’t eat pork, choose a beef (Halal) and/or vegetable taco instead.

For further details on times of each activity and the complete list of performers, visit www.elementality.ca

Also LIKE Elementality on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram.

As the Summer fades and Autumn attempts to make its mark, try to soak up what’s left because before you know it, Autumn will be over and the looming winter will begin to run its course!


For extra entertainment, check out the Elementakiza After Party at SubV with musical performances by Full Course and K6A and spinning by Vincent Pryce!

Here’s a recap video of last year’s Elementakiza!

Have a fun-filled day in multicultural NDG at Elementakiza!

I’ll be there walking around in my size 8 shoes! Look up “CeasRock – 10.5” and you’ll understand! Lol

Nos vemos este sábado! 🙂

Written by: Ariane Collman

Original article: http://montreal.ourcityradio.com/music-news/elementakiza-2013

Shortlink: http://montreal.ourcityradio.com/?p=1345

Visit http://montreal.ourcityradio.com and http://ourcityradio.com


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